Reblog for history channel


History channel I love you anyways

oh wow they’re all true…

I’m appalled the History channel one didn’t mention aliens anywhere. Aliens or Nostradamus. 

and PBS is ur teacher 

Food network is your ‘foodie’ trend-hopping cousin with a not-so-secret trashy diner/food truck fixation. Cooking channel is their older sibling who can actually cook, but is kind of insufferable to be around and a bit of an alcoholic.

Seconding that History Channel needed more Aliens and Nostradamus, but also I’m here to add…


Nat Geo is the resident University Prof who shows you things that make you think sometimes, and other times she shows you things that you just aren’t interested in….

Discovery Channel Animal planet and TLC are/use to be her students

TLC dropped out and got hooked on some fucked up  psychedelic and now,he’s just isn’t the same guy anymore…addicted to some shitty quality vicodin and cocaine

Animal Planet is Nat Geo’s top student and want’s to be the next Steve Irwin

Discovery channel is the C grade student that really likes things that are awesome more than things that are about science 


Anonymous asked:

Other then using "Fat neck bearded, dude bro, hetro, cheeto dust, wearing fedora, brony, mra, cis, white dude, virgin " is there really any other insults on tumblr?

the-great-and-powerful-satsuki answered:


because unless you’re a special snowflake, and shoving the special fucking snowflake fact that your gay, or trans or whatever the fuck everyone on this fucking website wants to fucking be, you’re the enemy! Godforbid someone is comfortable being who they are! Godforfuckingbid someone is anti-feminist for personal reasons!

Rape jokes!? Fucking murder on here!

But wait, these people sat here on their fucking computers the day Justin Bieber got arrested and posted jokes and posts about him getting raped in jail. Not only is that homophobic, that’s sexist. 

But haha, it’s alright because gay, right?!

Dont even get me started on these fake feminist, never-worked-a-day-in-my-life suburban living, starbucks drinking, hollister shopping, oppression-is-my-accessory teenaged white girls who think yelling “RAPE!” and “MISOGYNY!” at everything is going to change the fucking world, that start gurgling when men (not even men, boys as young as 13,) show an interest in shows with female dominated fandoms when they screech about misogyny when its the other way around. NEWS FLASH YOU FUCKING CUNT, MAYBE NO ONE WANTS YOU IN THEIR FANDOM BECAUSE YOU’RE FUCKING CRAZY.

Meanwhile you have people on this website putting people’s fucking pets down for disagreeing with them over the fucking internet, calling deportation on people’s husbands for the same thing, doxxing people as young as 13, sending rape threats to rape survivors who couldn’t give two shits about tumblr feminism, and so on and so forth. 

I’m sorry that I may have ventured off from the acutal question, but holy shit i have had enough.

This website is full of teenagers and young adults who are acting like fucking children every time they don’t get their way.

It needs to fucking stoooooop.




*slow clap*



Philosophy of Miyazakiby sapphiresky1410

Edit: Since this question has come up so much- no, these are not direct quotes from Miyazaki- I read, listened to, and and watched many, many interviews of Miyazaki, and the words in my comic are paraphrases/translations/simplified summaries of all of the notes that I took on the things that he said during the interviews. Due to the constraints of the assignment, I was challenged to find a way to word and present his whole philosophy in five short pages. I took careful, and much-considered artistic liberties when creating the narrative of this comic, and all decisions were made based upon the importance of maintaining cohesiveness between statements, so that Miyazaki’s message and philosophy would be well-translated, and clearly understood through my comic. ”




Plot twist: The villain kills the main character and his girlfriend levels up her personal character development and takes over as protagonist.

I would read the SHIT out of this.

*Constructs a battering ram to bust down the door to the library to find a book with this plot twist*

That being said,this is basically the plot of TTGL if Simon was a girl….




So I’ve been reading Young Avengers and…image


I don’t know. Jaimie McKelvie draws their women the same except they swap hair colors and hair design or skin color…but this. I will pledge my allegiance to that ass any day of the week. But she probably won’t be interested because she is…

My brother nicknamed her “Ms.Thighs.”

But yes, she’s pretty cool. Also, her hair is so pretty.

I agree, She’s got legs….